Mecha Nick

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Hi there! I‘m Nick. But all of you lovely people can call me Mecha-Nick. I‘m the friendly lamp robot from outer space.
My friends and I have landed on your wonderful planet, precisely in a tiny little land called Luxemburg.
‘Cause of the lack of space on our home planet “Mechanet”, we try to gain some space to rest here at your homes. We would very pleased if you could adopt one of my friends to give him a new home. They would give you in exchange some joy, fun and brighten up your place with some warm-heating light.
I thank you all for lending me your ear and I hope that all my friends will find a sweet shelf to sit on and to lighten your room up.
Best regards, Mecha-Nick, the lamp robot.

Dimension: 50x36x22 cm

Größe: Original
Farbe: Silver
Augenfarbe: Original (Gelb)

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